Build Your Team to Scale

Learn how to build the team you'll need to get funding and scale your business.

Arriving at the Right Valuation

Understand the elements of a valuation, what a bank, investor or VC thinks of your number, how to arrive at value that is right for your business today and in the future, and what to do if your valuation falls short of your expectations

Sales Is Not a 4-Letter Word

Does the thought of sales give you an icky feeling in your stomach? Has it ever made you feel dirty? Welcome to the crowd! However, nothing in this world happens without somebody selling and somebody buying. This workshop will teach you how to welcome sales, to educate your prospects and be more effective in closing the sale.


Learn more about the option of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending - what do these choices offer and are they right for your business?


Maybe none of the options previously discussed seem right for your business. Learn how to leverage all that the WBDC has to offer including alternative ways to find the funds you need to build and scale your business.

Mapping Your Product Development

Colleen Wilson is an expert when it comes to developing great products. Colleen knows that a solid customer discovery process can make all the difference. In this session she will help you create a road map for a successful product launch by identifying your key customers.

Intellectual Property

Creating a solid foundation for your business is crucial. Often, we are in a rush to get to market and these missed steps come back to haunt us later. In this sessions you will learn the elements of a solid plan for the type of business you are building, what makes sense for your company legally, what do you need to know about Intellectual Property

Funding Deep Dive: Cap Tables

A capitalization table, or "cap table," is a ledger that tracks the equity ownership of a company's shareholders. However, the term can refer to the way in which any company keeps track of all of the relevant information related to all of its stakeholders (including debt, convertible debt, option, warrant, and derivatives holders) and their claims on the company. Learn more about this and how to best track it for your company.

How to Survive Due Diligence

This session will tackle the big foundational questions as you infuse your business with capital. How will my first steps in raising capital effect my subsequent rounds. Preparation is key when it comes to surviving due diligence. Learn what to prepare and how to plan ahead to make this process as painless as possible.

20 Legal Mistakes by Startups and Small Business

Why do you care about the legal stuff being done right? Why not just “let it be until later”? Start off right, grow straight with a solid legal foundation built at the start. Avoid the costly de-construction & reconstruction of a shaky foundation. This session with help you head off the top 20 legal mistakes startups make and teach you which things you can DIY, and give you heads up on those which you should pay for help (not from the internet).

Top 20 Legal Mistakes by Startups - Handout

The handout that accompanied Nancy's presentation.

What's Your Superpower? Knowing Your Value Proposition

A strong superpower fast tracks a business to making money.